The Purple Crayon of Yale

Founded in 1985, the Purple Crayon of Yale is the college's longest-running improvisational comedy troupe.



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Related groups

From Frances Barney:

"Karen Hough, Mike Everett (now Mike Everett-Lane) and I started a company called ImprovEdge. We use improvisational theater techniques as a means to teach creativity and teambuilding to executive types."

Based in Chicago, a lot of early Crayon's did work with Del Close at ImprovOlympic
Comedy superheros.
The Pollyannas, in NYC.
The Pollyannas, of course, is (are?) the improv comedy group in Nueva York which includes Crayon alumns Pak, Barney, and Everett-Lane, and through which have traversed such Crayon luminaries as Handelman, Davenport, and Waterson.
Sacred fools theater in L.A., California.
Founded by founders of the Purple Crayon (you're already on the Purple Crayon site! you want more links??). A real theater. They were also founders of The Annex Theater in Seattle.
YesAnd, the "Improv Information Source than cannot be Denied."
Cool site with news, interviews, scheduled events about improv.

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